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"In this shrewd way the train-boy was better off than he who runs may read, for he _had_ read, and could _shout_ while running: All about the big battle! So he sold his papers in short order." (c) Glen vni5589

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swinging Into Spring

Mom called me at work on Friday to let me know that she and Grumpy had dropped off a swing set to kick off spring break! We'd hope to get it together in time for the girls to see it Friday evening but it took a little longer than expected (the slide was put together by shop light around 10:00 pm). Mom wanted to see the girls faces when they saw it for the first time so she came by on her way to work and had the first swing.
They really did swing sun up to sundown -you can see the sun coming up behind them in the first few pictures and the sun setting on their faces in the last few. They LOVE this thing!
Mary Clare is about to fall asleep right in the seat here. She did agree to come in and eat some macaroni cheese before collapsing into the top bunk with Margaret Rose. I didn't hear one single giggle after they got into bed!
They wanted to swing before leaving for the Palm Sunday Mass but finally agreed to wait until they got home.